Laser gum treatment

Gum Bacteria Removal with Laser Gum Treatment in Olathe, KS

Infected gums can lead to serious gum disease and tooth loss. When youvisit Appletree Cosmetic and Family Dentistry regularly, Dr. Phil Farruggiaand the hygiene team can detect gum problems early. To treat gum disease comfortably, we gently remove bacteria below the gum line with a therapycalled scaling and root planning. In many cases, we also make use of anoninvasive soft-tissue laser to clear away infection and remove diseasedor damaged tissue with minimal discomfort. We may also recommend antibioticsto control bacteria growth and restore your gums to health. Learn moreabout gum bacteria removal with laser gum treatment below, and contactour Olathe, KS office at (913) 353-4267 to schedule an appointment with us today!

Laser Gum Treatment: How it Works

Laser gum treatment is a cutting-edge procedure that uses a small, directed laser to gently remove inflamed and infected gum tissue around the root of the tooth. This process prepares the area for root scaling treatment.Root Scaling involves scraping off the calculus and plaque built up below the gum line and around the root of the tooth. 

The Advantages of Laser Gum Treatment

Lasers have transformed medical surgery by offering minimally-invasivealternatives to traditional scalpel incisions and sutured closures. Thelaser’s intense, narrow wavelength has precise, predictable andpowerful reactions when it contacts soft tissues of the body. Laser lightis extremely efficient, producing very little heat as it acts on its target.This makes it ideal for oral surgery since it seldom affects tissues otherthan those it targets. The laser provides precise control over the depthand extent of cutting, while simultaneously minimizing bleeding and sterilizingthe treatment area. The procedure itself is virtually painless.

Do I Need Laser Gum Treatment?

If you show any signs of active periodontal disease in your gums, you area candidate for laser gum treatment. While lasers are still a relativelynew technology in the field of periodontics, they can treat all of thesame cases of gum disease that traditional periodontal procedures can— plus additional cases. Previously, patients on anticoagulantsor bisphosphonates were often unable to receive periodontal care due tothe high risk of medical complications. With laser gum treatment —currently, the least invasive and most conservative periodontal treatmentavailable to date — these patient risks are eliminated.

Appletree Cosmetic and Family Dentistry: The Right Choice for Your Gums

At Appletree Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, our dental professionals havedecades of experience treating gum disease in patients of all ages acrossthe greater Olathe, KS region. We were among the first dental officesin the state to begin using laser technology for periodontal treatmentsand provided exceptional care for gum diseases and infections both minorand severe. Let us help you restore your smile — contact our teamtoday to learn more about our gum treatment options.

If you would like to learn more about laser gum treatment at our Olathe,KS office, we encourage to call us at (913) 353-4267 to schedule an appointment with our dental professionals today!