Emergency Services

Comprehensive Emergency Dental Services in Olathe, KS

Helping You After Normal Business Hours

At Appletree Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Olathe, KS, we understandthat it is impossible to predict when you or your child will have a dentalemergency. An injury or severe dental pain can occur at any time and itis important to have a dentist you can rely on during your unexpectedtime of need. With our dental team, your comfort and health are giventop priority. We treat all of our patients with the utmost care and professionalism.You should not have to wait while you are in pain, bleeding, or are dealingwith any other type of dental problem that needs to be addressed immediately.Whether you have a chipped tooth or several broken teeth, our office isthe one to call. Contact us at (913) 353-4267 today!

Have A Tooth or Gum Emergency? We Can Help.

For tooth and gum emergencies of all kinds, our team of experienced dentalprofessionals at Appletree Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is the one tocall. Dr. Philip Farruggia proudly serves patients of all ages and worksdiligently and considerately to give adults and children the emergencydental services they require. With a staff of bilingual dental assistantsand sedation dentistry available, our office is an excellent choice foranyone suffering from gum damage or a broken or lost tooth. Read on fora list of emergency dental issues we treat.

A few examples of emergency dental needs we serve include:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Severe tooth or gum pain
  • Sports injuries or accidents
  • Lost teeth or bleeding gums

Lost A Permanent Tooth? Here’s What to Do

  1. Stop and find your tooth. (Be careful not to step on it!)
  2. Pick the tooth up by the crown, not the fleshy root.
  3. If the tooth appears dirty, clean it gently with milk or a sterile salinesolution. Don’t scrub that tooth. Then, try to put your tooth backin its socket. Hold it steady with a washcloth or gauze until you get to a dentist.
  4. If the tooth won’t fit back in its socket, put it in a glass of milkor sterile saline solution. Avoid water, which doesn’t preserveteeth well.
  5. Bring your tooth and get to a dentist immediately. Certified dental professionalscan often reattach lost permanent teeth that have been successfully andquickly preserved.

Tooth or Gum-Related Emergency? Don’t Wait — Call Us!

If you have a broken or chipped tooth, bleeding gums, or another tooth/gum-relatedemergency, it is important to call a certified dental professional assoon as possible. A dentist can provide the specialized and responsivecare necessary to repair damaged teeth and gums.

Our dentist and staff are here for you when you need us and will provideyou with the quality care and emergency dental services you deserve. Weare here to help you.

Please contact our office today at (913) 353-4267 to request emergency service in Olathe, KS!